Which types of collars are appropriate for a man’s attire?

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Which types of collars are appropriate for a man’s attire?

Button down collar Shirt

The button down collar shirt is the most popular and widely used collar shirt. This shirt is typically more casual and are worn in casual settings. Small knot ties should be worn with the this type of collar shirt. Never wear this type of shirt at a formal or dressy setting unless someone stole your shirt and you must pick up a white shirt after 9pm at the local Wal-mart.







Club collar shirt

The club collar signified membership in the elite and the most exclusive club. That is where the term club collar shirt came from. This collared shirt became popular in the 1930’s and having the pinned club collared was extremely popular. This collar shirt was popular for tailored shirts. This shirts looks best with a thin and angular faces. A smaller knot tie is preferable for this collar.










Cutaway collar shirt


This is the widest of all collared shape shirt commonly found in England and were meant to be worn at black tie events and very formal occasions.  The cutaway collar shirts typically are french cuffed shirts.  A very wide knot tie typically looks best with this collared shirt.  This collar style is most popular with someone who has a long thinner face.  If you do rock this collar shirt it will draw total attention to your face and that is what your attire should do.  Try wearing the eldredge knot with this collar.









The Pin collared shirt


The pinned collar shirt became very popular in the 1930’s, but show me a man today who still wears the pinned collar shirt.  The pin collar does not have collar stays and are typical soft collars.  The pinned collar raises the tie because the two side collars are held together by a bar or pin.  This collar shirt shortens the neck line which works to counterpoint a rounded or oval head or chin.  Smaller knotted ties are best to be worn with this collar.










The point collared shirt


The most popular and the foundation of all collar shirts.  The point collar can be worn worn with any suit or blazers.  The narrow opening typically fits a rounder, short and oval faces over someone with a narrow one.  The tie knot that typically fits this type of collar shirt is a smaller knot.










The tab collar shirt


The tab collar shirt is similar to the pin collar shirts and it was typically worn by the high society.  Special tabs connects the two sides of the collar under the tie’s knot to hold the collar’s point altogether.  The tab collar dress shirt can be a snap or a button and buttonhole.  Long-neck men should wear this type of shirt because of its higher position of the shirt collar.  But, round and square shape faced men could wear this shirt.  The windsor tie should be worn with this style of collar.









The spread collar shirt


The spread collar has been the typical collar shirt to be worn with a tailored or bespoke suit. The spread collar is a wide cut collar shirt but not as wide as the cutaway collar. The Duke of Kent who first popularized this style collar shirt and it is the most elegant collar shirt. The spread collar shirt can be worn by any facial shape man depending on the height of the collar.  But, it typically looks best on a longer face.  The wider tie knot should be worn with this collar shirt.   Try the novotny knot with this collar shirt it looks amazing!!









The wing collar shirt


The wing collar shirt is a formal worn style collar shirt. This collar shirt is perfect for black and white tie events. The long points fits perfect over your bow tie. This collar fits all facial and shapes of men.  By the way if you do not know bow ties ONLY for this collar style shirt.