7 Things that REAL women do not think is sexy men – take note.

sagging pants

1. Busting a sag where people can see your underwear or baggy clothing. First of all it is so played out that no REAL women want any traits that comes from a prison yard. Yes, she may want a rough neck, but it normally pertains to defending her not in the way he dress. Do you know that most women find men attractive thru the clothing they wear. Women favor high status men, so try looking the part and see how attractive they find you. Hint try putting on a Two piece two button charcoal suit with a black and white gingham french cuff shirt and a black and white paisley tie just for a start. Then tell us how the opposite sex will find you much more attractive.










Man in tight suit


Men in too big suit











2. Wearing a suit that is way too big or too small. Men, just because you have a suit on does not mean you look sexy in it. Please take the time to find out your true size if you are wearing a ready to wear suit, or go bold and step up your game with a custom made tailored suit. Nothing says cheap like a suit that is too big or too small, it screams hand me down. Try wearing suit that is too big and ask a woman whether she likes what she sees. I am willing to bet she will be picking you apart in her head. So, if you are a 46 regular, do not get a size 52 long suit just because you like the look of it. Your pants and jacket sleeves should not be too long for you. On the other hand, your suit should not be too tight either. I do not care if you have been going to the gym. If your true size is a 42 regular, do not squeeze in a 38 short slim fit. If you have on a suit true to your size that special lady will see your pecs and biceps in that suit without it appearing to be your little brother’s suit. Remember, a well fitted suit looks better than a fashion forward suit.














Untucked shirt


Men in dress suits and tube sucks


3.  If you cannot afford a whole suit, but want to look nice. Try wearing a nice dress shirt and colorful tie with a nice pair of slacks. Tuck in your shirt, and know that gym shoes with those slacks will ruin the whole look. Even if you have the latest gym shoes and they cost you $200, it does not look becoming with a nice dress shirt and slacks. Be sure to add a nice belt for a polished look. Symmetry from head to toe makes everything look really nice. Women do not think gym shoes with a dress shirt and nice pair of slacks is sexy, they find it rather tacky. Gym shoes are for the gym, or if you’re wearing jeans or shorts – but wearing them with dress wear is a fashion no-no.












mens pink dress suit



4.  And the worst of the worst that women do not find attractive are men who wear loud suits. Just because it is spring the lavender, peach, pink, or yellow three piece Fashion suits are not sexy. Ask the ladies you know that just saw all those men in those bright colored suits for Easter how many of them found that sexy?? Maybe your Aunt Mabel or Jane who is 65, looking for a sugar daddy that can support her bingo habits. Tell your local store that sells those suits to burn them or give them away to a third world country, because here in America loud suits are not sexy. I am sure the ladies over there will probably love those suits. You can only wear loud pink suits for breast cancer awareness, and then you are cool.













Mens busted shoes


5.  Fellas, take pride in your dress shoes. Invest in a new pair, or get yours polished and buffed every now and then. Ask any woman, 97% of them care about their shoes, so men you must do the same. No woman wants their man to walk around in busted and scuffed up shoes. The dress shoes do not necessarily have to be name brand – however, a really well made high quality shoe can last a decade if you take good care of it. Whatever you pay for them, they must look nice and presentable. Most women want to marry up and not down. Come on men, we are the head not the tail – so let’s start acting like it. A man’s look should complement his lady’s style, not embarrass her. They are our better half, and most women know what looks best on their men.











black trouser with white tube socks

6.  A big fashion fail is a seeing a man in a a nice suit and dress with tube socks peeking out from the cuff. There is nothing worse than for a woman to look down at a man’s feet and see that he has on a white pair of tube socks that – is a fashion sin. But you know what? You can repent from it and you will be forgiven. If you don’t have any dress socks in your drawer you’re better off to without – just make sure you have plenty of lotion for those ankles, toes and legs. If you are required to sit down then you don’t want your ashy legs showing, so always have plenty of lotion on hand. Tell me what you’d think fellas, if you saw a woman with a nice dress on only to look down to see that she has some white striped tube socks that don’t match? Do you think find that sexy??? Well, women don’t think tube socks with dress clothing equates to sexy either – sorry guys!!!











dirty white shirt


7.  Fellas, please, do not come around with a dingy or faded suit. If your suit is supposed to be white then don’t come in there with a beige or yellow streaked suit. White not supposed to be dirty white – by all means take it to the cleaners. Your countenance should be confident, and your raiment should be white and glistening. If your suit becomes faded or discolored then it is time to get a new one – simple as that. There is no other way to get around a faded or dingy suit.

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